1. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply herein:

* Customer” means any legal entity to whom AquaStory’s Commercial Offering is addressed;

* Order” means any written order or request by the Customer for the Deliverables which includes or expressly refers to AquaStory’s Commercial Offer. The Order is deemed accepted by AquaStory by its express written agreement (acceptance of Purchase Order and/or signature of Contract) or tacit agreement (execution of the subject of the Order by AquaStory).

* Purchasing Conditions” means any document pre-written by the Customer as purchaser and relating to the General Purchasing Conditions.

* Confidential Information” means any information, in any form and on any medium whatsoever, relating to the Commercial Offer communicated by AquaStory to the Customer or to which the Customer has access under the Commercial Offer and/or identified by AquaStory as “Confidential” or by any similar designation;

* Deliverables” refers to any goods, materials or services ordered and/or produced or delivered by AquaStory;

* Commercial Offer” means the Special Terms and Conditions and these General Terms and Conditions, as well as any other document supplementing them, forming an indivisible whole;

* the Parties” refers to AquaStory and the Customer;

2. Purpose and scope

.1 The application of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is considered essential for any sale made by AquaStory.

2.2 All sales of deliverables by AquaStory are subject to these G.S.C. and may not be excluded by the Customer’s Conditions of Purchase or any other document, unless expressly waived by AquaStory in writing and in advance.

2.3 The C.G.V. constitute the sole basis for commercial negotiation ( Article L.441-6) The Customer acknowledges having read the present C.G.V. and the accompanying Special Conditions. The placing of any order therefore implies the Customer’s unreserved acceptance of all the G.S.C., except in the event of a specific derogation, accepted precisely and unequivocally by AquaStory and expressly referring to the modified clauses.

2.4 AquaStory’s failure to enforce these G.T.C. or any of its clauses shall not constitute a waiver of its right to enforce these G.T.C. in whole or in part.

2.5 All documents other than the present G.S.T. (catalogs, prospectuses, advertisements, notices, etc.) are for information purposes only and are non-contractual, with the exception of documents attached to the Commercial Offer.

3. Commercial offer

3.1 Exchanges of information between the Parties prior to the dispatch of the Commercial Offer by AquaStory are not of a contractual nature.

3.2 The Commercial Offer issued by AquaStory is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issue, unless expressly stated otherwise.

3.3 AquaStory considers an order to be one which it has accepted and confirmed in writing. Upon receipt and acceptance by AquaStory, the order shall be irrevocable. Unless accepted in writing by AquaStory, any cancellation of an order in whole or in part by the Customer may only be made after payment of an indemnity compensating at least the expenses incurred by AquaStory.

4. Price

4.1 Deliverables are sold at the price agreed between the Parties at the time of the Order.

4.2 The sale prices of the Deliverables are stipulated exclusive of tax at the rate in force on the date of the Contract and will be increased by the VAT rate & any transport costs. Any tax, duty or other charge payable in application of national or international regulations shall be borne by the Customer.

4.3 Prices are established on the basis of the economic and fiscal conditions in force on the date of the Commercial Offer. Should these conditions change, the prices invoiced may vary in accordance with the legally authorized terms and conditions.

4.4 The prices applied by AquaStory may be revised in the event of successive sales or long-term sales.

4.5 Any new request from the Customer for a Deliverable not provided for in the Commercial Offer must be the subject of a new order from the Customer and the issue of a new Commercial Offer by AquaStory subject to the provisions set out in Article 3 “Commercial Offer” of these G.S.C. In the event of modification of the initial order, the contractual conditions and in particular the price shall be the subject of a revision formalized by means of an amendment.

5. Invoicing and payment terms

5.1 Invoicing

5.1.1 Upon completion of the service, an invoice shall be drawn up in one (1) copy for each order and issued by AquaStory at the time of delivery.

5.1.2 Any claim concerning an invoice must be submitted by the Customer in writing no later than seven (7) working days after receipt by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Failing this, the invoice will be deemed valid and accepted in its entirety by the Customer.

5.1.3 In the event of disagreement over any part of the invoice, the Customer undertakes to pay any undisputed part without delay.

5.1.4 Our prices do not include the removal of any furniture or any protective measures taken for each of our connections.

5.2 Terms of payment

5.2.1 Invoices are payable in full, in Euros or in the currency agreed between the parties in the Commercial Offer, inclusive of VAT and without discount, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Parties.

5.2.2 Invoices must be paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. In the case of summary invoices, the payment period may under no circumstances exceed 45 days from the date of issue.

5.2.3 Invoices are paid by bank transfer, net of all charges, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

5.2.4 AquaStory may require a bank guarantee in the event of doubt as to the Customer’s solvency. Any deterioration in the Customer’s financial situation which casts doubt on its solvency shall entitle AquaStory to cash payment prior to the date of delivery of the Deliverable to the Customer.

5.3 Late payment

5.3.1 Failure to pay an invoice in full or in part by the due date shall entitle AquaStory to demand cash payment prior to any further shipment of the Deliverable relating to the same contract.

5.3.2 Total or partial non-payment shall automatically and without prior notice lead to the application of late payment interest at the rate of the European Central Bank as set by article L.441-6 of the French Commercial Code, on all sums due, until full payment of the price. Reimbursement of fixed indemnities and those duly justified for collection costs shall be due and paid by the Customer.

5.3.3 AquaStory reserves the right to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 16 “Termination” of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

6. Retention of Title and Transfer of Risk


The Customer becomes responsible and assumes all risks, in particular as a result of loss or deterioration, as soon as the Deliverable is physically handed over. The Customer undertakes to take all necessary care in the custody and preservation of the Deliverables, and to take out all necessary insurance.

6.2 The Customer shall keep the Deliverables in such a way that they cannot be confused with others and can be identified as the property of AquaStory.
The Customer undertakes to leave the plate and/or mention of ownership in the name of AquaStory on the Deliverables and/or studies sold, until full payment of the agreed price in principal and interest.

6-3 The Customer undertakes to immediately notify AquaStory by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt of any seizure that may be carried out by or on behalf of third parties. The Customer shall then take all measures to obtain the release of such seizures. In the event of insolvency proceedings, AquaStory reserves the right to reclaim any Deliverables sold but not paid for. The Customer undertakes to facilitate the return of the Deliverables by any means in the event of a claim upon simple request by AquaStory.

6.4 The Customer may not assign any right whatsoever, pledge, transfer ownership or dispose of the Deliverables by any means whatsoever until it has acquired full ownership thereof by full payment of the price, under penalty of damages and interest.

6.5 In the event of resale and/or delivery of the Deliverables prior to full payment to AquaStory, the Customer undertakes to notify AquaStory in advance, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, of the identity of the sub-purchaser, in order to enable AquaStory to exercise its right to claim the price from such third party. The Customer undertakes to assign the benefit of its claim to AquaStory up to the amount of the unpaid sale price, in particular by way of delegation of payment.

6.6 Should the Customer remain unpaid in whole or in part on a due date, AquaStory reserves the right to demand the return of all Deliverables delivered, at the Customer’s expense, risk and peril. Such return shall not be tantamount to cancellation of the sale. Failing amicable return of the Deliverables, AquaStory may proceed by any legal means to physically repossess the Deliverables.

6.7 If the Deliverables are repossessed, the Customer will be credited with the partial payments made, after deduction of the costs incurred by the repossession, in particular for transport, storage and dismantling, and of the loss arising from the depreciation of the Deliverables, resulting from the state or reduction in price between the date of the Contract and the date of repossession. No reimbursement will be made if the Deliverables cannot be resold.

7. Deliveries

7.1 Delivery times

7.1.1 Delivery times are given as an indication and without guarantee for each order.
Exceeding the agreed delivery time shall not give rise to damages, deductions, late penalties, cancellation of orders in progress or any other claim, unless expressly agreed in writing and accepted by AquaStory.

7.1.2 If three (3) months after the scheduled delivery date, the Deliverable has not been delivered, for any reason other than Force Majeure, as defined in Article.

7.3, due to the Customer (in particular due to modification of the order during execution) or due to a third party, the Order may be terminated at the Customer’s request. In this eventuality, the Customer will only be entitled to the return of its deposit, to the exclusion of any other compensation. 7.1.3 AquaStory may cancel the Contract, upon expiry of the same three (3) month period, if the delay is due to Force Majeure, whether caused by the Customer or by a third party. AquaStory reserves the right to retain the deposit or any sum already received by way of compensation.

7.2 Delivery

7.2.1 Delivery within the agreed time shall only be made if the Customer is up to date with its obligations and payments to AquaStory.

7.2.2 Any claim relating to delivery is only admissible within seven (7) days of arrival of the products at the destination indicated in the order form or the Contract, and provided that the purchaser has made any reservations in writing to the carriers within the legal or customary time limits. 7.2.3 Unless otherwise agreed and specified in the Commercial Offer, the Deliverables ordered are delivered ex works (in accordance with the Incoterm in force on the date of the Commercial Offer). Whatever the agreed place, delivery must be signed for by the Customer on the delivery note.

7.2.4 The cost of delivery or provision of the Deliverables shall be borne exclusively by the Customer.

7.2.5 The services provided by AquaStory shall give rise to reports, the frequency of which shall be defined in writing with the Customer.
Acceptance of all services shall be recorded in an Activity Report or Acceptance Report signed by the Parties.

7.3 Force Majeure

7.3.1 AquaStory shall in no event be liable if its failure to perform any of its obligations is due to force majeure.
force majeure. Force majeure is defined as an unforeseeable and irresistible event within the meaning of article 1148 of the French Civil Code and in accordance with applicable case law.

7.3.2 AquaStory shall keep the Customer informed in the event of the occurrence of an event considered to be force majeure.

7.3.3 The occurrence of an event considered to be force majeure shall entitle AquaStory, in particular, to cancel the order or to proportionally reduce its deliveries or to consider delivery deadlines as suspended until the end of the force majeure event.

8. Non-conformity of deliverables

8.1 It is the responsibility of the Customer and/or the carrier appointed by the Customer to check that the Deliverables are in good condition at the time of delivery, in accordance with the order form.

8.2 Without prejudice to any measures to be taken against the carrier, the Customer has a period of seven (7) working days from the date of delivery to expressly contest the conformity of the Deliverables by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Failing this, and after this period, failure to contest will be deemed to constitute unconditional acceptance of the Deliverable.

8.3 It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide any justification as to the reality of the non-conformity observed. In the case of installations which have been carried out by various operators other than AquaStory, under the direct or indirect responsibility of the Customer, at the latter’s request, AquaStory shall be able to carry out an on-site assessment of the installation, after acceptance by the Customer of the estimate relating to such assessment. In all cases, the Customer shall allow AquaStory every facility to carry out its own investigations and, if necessary, to remedy any problems for which it is responsible.

8.4 Any return of a Deliverable shall be subject to AquaStory’s express prior agreement. Otherwise, such return shall not give rise to any replacement or credit note. Deliverables shall be returned accompanied by a return slip and must remain in the condition in which AquaStory delivered them. Return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

8.5 In the event of non-conformity duly noted by AquaStory, the latter shall be free to choose between repair or replacement of the Deliverable, or reimbursement of the price paid, to the exclusion of any indemnity or damages.

9. Insurance

Once the Deliverables have been physically handed over to the Customer, the latter assumes full responsibility and shall personally take out any insurance he deems necessary to cover any damage suffered by or caused to the Deliverables, as well as any damage caused to third parties as a result of the Deliverables.

10. Guarantees

10.1 Unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties, the Deliverables are delivered as is with no warranty other than those imposed by legislation with the exception of the structure (excluding glass products) which is three (3) years.

10.2 Any verbal promise or declaration made by AquaStory to the Customer, regardless of its content, shall only constitute a warranty if confirmed by a written document duly signed by AquaStory.

10.3 Without prejudice to the foregoing, no claim whatsoever may be made by the Customer more than three (3) months after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim.

11. Liability

11.1 Sauf disposition législative contraire et impérative, le Client acquiert le Livrable à ses risques et périls. Cette disposition sera réputée acceptée par le Client dès lors que celui-ci aura pris livraison du Livrable sans contestation dans le délai de sept (7) jours, conformément à l’article 7.2 « Livraison ».

11.2 L’obligation à la charge de AquaStory est une obligation de moyens. La responsabilité de AquaStory est expressément limitée à l’exécution de ses obligations contractuelles. AquaStory ne pourra être recherchée pour tout autre préjudice, quelle qu’en soit la nature, que pourrait subir le Client. Les dommages indirects, immatériels, incidents ou consécutifs sont ainsi formellement exclus.

11.3 AquaStory ne peut être en aucun cas être tenu pour responsable de dommages, survenus à la suite de modifications apportées par le Client au Livrable, par l’intervention de toute personne autre que le personnel de AquaStory, par toute mauvaise utilisation ou utilisation non conforme à celles définies par les spécifications techniques contractuelles.

12. Confidentialité

12.1 Chaque partie s’engage à assurer la confidentialité des informations reçues en vertu de l’exécution du contrat et s’engage à ne pas les divulguer à un quelconque tiers, sans l’accord préalable exprès et écrit de l’autre partie. La communication d’informations considérées comme confidentielles faite par le Client à son personnel est limitée aux employées ayant besoin de les connaître pour la bonne exécution du contrat et est limitée aux informations strictement nécessaires pour la bonne exécution du Contrat.

12.2 L’obligation de Confidentialité est valable à compter des premières relations commerciales entre les parties, notamment dès les premiers échanges intervenus lors des pourparlers et/ou négociations. Cet accord de confidentialité demeurera en vigueur pour le plus long des deux termes suivants : soit cinq (5) ans à compter de la fin de la commande, soit dix (10) ans à compter de la dernière communication d’Informations Confidentielles.

13. Réglement des exportations

13.1 Les Livrables vendus par AquaStory sont destinés à rester dans le pays de livraison convenu par le Client. La réexportation des Livrables et des documents techniques y afférant doit être impérativement effectuée dans des conditions conformes à la réglementation du contrôle des exportations des États-Unis d’Amérique, de l’Union Européenne et des pays concernés des Parties contractantes.

13.2 Le Client fait son affaire de toutes les modalités de contrôle des produits à l’exportation et s’engage à connaître, à appliquer l’ensemble de la législation en vigueur et à obtenir toute licence d’exportation ou de réexportation le cas échéant. La responsabilité du Client est mise en cause pour toute violation de ces obligations.

14. Propriété intellectuelle

14.1 AquaStory reste le propriétaire exclusif de tous ses droits de propriété intellectuelle et industrielle (brevets, marques, savoir-faire, secret industriel) relatifs au Livrable. Le Client n’acquiert aucun droit de propriété, de reproduction, ou de licences quelconques relatifs au Livrable et/ou éléments et matières le composant.

14.2 De la même manière, le Client ne disposera d’aucun droit de propriété intellectuelle et industrielle sur tout support relatif au Livrable et/ou notamment, les dessins, modèles, croquis, prototypes qui pourraient être mis à sa disposition sans faire partie de la vente.

14.3 Dans les hypothèses où le Livrable vendu inclut l’utilisation de logiciels ou de droits de propriété intellectuelle, leur utilisation et/ou leur exploitation devra faire l’objet d’une cession ou d’une licence spécifique de droits.

15. Cession et sous-traitance

15.1 Cession

15.1.1 Le Client ne pourra céder, déléguer ou transmettre à quelque titre que ce soit tout ou partie de ses droits et obligations résultant de la vente du Livrable ou du Contrat, sans l’accord préalable exprès et écrit de AquaStory.

15.1.2 AquaStory se réserve le droit de céder, déléguer ou transmettre tout ou partie de ses droits et obligations contenus dans le Contrat.

15.2 Sous-traitance

15.2.1 AquaStory se réserve le droit de faire appel à des sous-traitants pour l’exécution de tout ou partie de ses obligations résultant du Contrat.

15.2.2 En cas de fourniture de prestation de service en qualité de sous-traitant tel que défini par la Loi n°75-1334 du 31 décembre 1975, le Client s’engage à obtenir dans un délai de quinze (15) jours à compter de la Commande, l’agrément écrit du maître d’ouvrage ou Client final portant non seulement sur la qualité de sous-traitant de AquaStory mais également sur les conditions de paiement de cette dernière. A ce titre, les garanties telles que prévues par ladite loi et toute autre disposition législative seront dues par le Client. A défaut d’agrément écrit ou de remise des garanties, AquaStory disposera du droit de résilier unilatéralement le contrat en cause.

16. Résiliation

16.1 AquaStory se réserve le droit de demander unilatéralement à ce que celui-ci soit sanctionné par la résiliation de plein droit, après mise en demeure par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception restée sans effet dans le délai de quinze (15) jours à compter de sa réception :

– en cas d’inexécution totale ou partielle du Contrat par le Client. AquaStory, outre la mention de son intention de se prévaloir de cette clause, visera la ou les obligations contractuelles méconnues par le Client ;

– en cas de comportement fautif de la part du Client d’une gravité suffisante, pouvant toucher une obligation essentielle du contrat, pouvant entraîner une ou de conséquences matérielles préjudiciables pour AquaStory ou, qui proviendrait d’une déloyauté manifeste de la part du Client.

16.2 Outre la résiliation du Contrat, AquaStory pourra demander réparation par l’octroi de dommages et intérêts. Le Client sera tenu de régler à AquaStory, la totalité des sommes dues au titre du Contrat qui deviendra immédiatement exigibles, augmentée d’une pénalité forfaitaire égale à dix (10)% du montant total du Contrat.

16.3 Dans le cas d’un Contrat à exécution par tranches successives, la résiliation n’atteindra pas les tranches déjà exécutées.

17. Protection des données personnelles

Le Client s’engage à respecter la loi relative à la protection des données personnelles en vigueur dans son pays pour toute utilisation de données personnelles collectées en lien avec le Livrable.

18. Non sollicitation personnelle

18.1 Le Client s’interdit expressément de solliciter en vue d’une embauche ou d’embaucher directement ou indirectement tout employé de AquaStory. Le Client se porte fort de l’application de cette interdiction aux autres sociétés de son groupe d’appartenance. La présente interdiction s’applique pendant toute la durée du Contrat et pendant les deux années suivant sa cessation pour quelque cause que ce soit.

18.2 En cas d’infraction, le client sera tenu de payer immédiatement à AquaStory, à titre de clause pénale, une indemnité forfaitaire d’un montant égal au montant annuel du salaire brut de la personne sollicitée ou embauchée, majorée de tous les frais de recrutement d’un remplaçant.

19. Droit applicable – Élection de Domicile – Attribution de compétence

19.1 Les présentes C.G.V sont régies par le Droit français. Toute traduction du Contrat n’aura qu’une valeur informative.

19.2 En cas de différend, les parties s’engagent à tout mettre en œuvre pour trouver une solution amiable. A défaut d’accord obtenu dans un délai raisonnable compris entre deux (2) et six (6) mois, le litige sera soumis au tribunal français matériellement compétent du lieu d’immatriculation du siège social de AquaStory.

20. Dispositions Complémentaires

20.1 Le Client autorise AquaStory à faire figurer le nom et ou le Logo du Client, sur notamment une liste de références commerciales communiquées au public, sauf demande écrite contraire du Client.

20.2 Aucune tolérance ou renonciation à faire valoir des droits de quelque nature qu’elle soit et quelles qu’en soit l’importance, la durée ou la fréquence, ne pourra être créatrice de droit pour l’une ou l’autre des Parties.