"La fabrication d'aquarium regroupe plusieurs savoir-faire. Today, we specialize in the design and manufacture of display aquariums and aquaterrariums, We also manufacture furniture for marine biology laboratories. "

Design and manufacture of aquariums prestige ponds

What a wonderful job, making the aquatic world a spectacle for young and old alike – that’s what we do every day. The manufacture of prestige ponds involves dramatizing water and the infinite species of fish, in ballets of color and light, to offer spectators a journey out of time and space.

This little girl dancing with the fish is the best illustration.

Aquaterrarium design and manufacture

By creating ever more realistic aquatic trails that are close to the public, we are able to create magic in the minds of visitors. Aquaterrarium production is an extraordinary way of creating ever-stronger interactions between aquatic nature and the public. As aquaterrarium manufacturers, we’re constantly imagining new ways to touch visitors, to give them the feeling of being at the heart of the tanks, of being able to touch and feel this universe of contrasts, and thus to live the experience to the full.

Design and staging of aquatic for aquatic tours

The most important aspect of an aquarium visit is the aquarium scenography, or how to take visitors on a journey along a well-thought-out circuit that must also seem perfectly natural. Our ambition is to take visitors into another space-time, a universe that transports them from one show to another, from one experience to another – a true immersion!

Manufacture of laboratory furniture and quarantine laboratories

We do our utmost to advance scientific research.
We tailor our marine biology furniture to your specific needs, scrupulously respecting your specifications.
We know that the slightest deviation can alter research results.

Several universities have already placed their trust in us!


Our strength is undoubtedly our experience, having worked on numerous aquarium design and manufacturing projects of varying size and complexity.
As a result, we can guarantee you comprehensive support for your aquarium, from design to installation.

So don’t hesitate to ask us about your aquarium project!