The creation of underwater or above-water environmental decors involves a number of different skills:


Faithfulness to nature, the search for the greatest possible realism in both underwater and above-water scenery, is the basis of our approach. It closely combines scientific and scenographic approaches, creativity and respect for the model. With this in mind, the first thing we present to the customer is a book of iconographic references on which to base our subsequent scenographic developments. Sketches, cross-sections, plans, 3D modeling… are then used to illustrate future creations.
Our designs are limited only by nature itself.


Our teams are experts in all phases of the decor-making process. Particular attention is paid to the stability of the structures and their durability over time, when creating load-bearing and volumetric structures. In all cases, materials are adapted to the environment: steel and galvanized mesh for above-water decors, composite materials and plastic mesh for underwater decors. Our artist-decorators create the sculptures from volumetric models or 3D models.