The manufacture of fish tanks involves a wide range of expertise. Today, we specialize in the design, and installation of fish tanks, as well as monitoring and supporting your operation.


Our leitmotiv: your satisfaction. The starting point of our relationship: the creation of a breeding ground.
To do this, we listen carefully to all your requests and work with you to design the fish tank that best suits your needs.
Our design office will then draw up a plan of the fish tank you have imagined, in order to standardize it; this is the design of your fish tank.
Whether it’s a made-to-measure or a standard fish tank, you’ll receive a plan to validate before production, guaranteeing the transparency of our work.


We’ll always adapt to your fish tank needs, because we work on fish tank projects that are always different.
We’ll make the best technical choices for your particular model of livewell, and select the best materials to build your fish tank in our workshop in La Rochelle.
Our team of specialists will design and build the ideal fish tank to your specifications.
Every fish tank project is unique, so let’s talk!


Your turnkey fish tank is easy to install (except for special configurations). At your request, we’ll come to you if you want us to install it for you.
We can also organize transportation, as our logistics partners are experienced in this type of mission.
Our team will always be there to guarantee you a worry-free fish tank installation.

Maintenance training

Once your fish tank has been installed, it’s essential to maintain it.
Maintaining a fish tank is very important, as it is an ecosystem whose constants must be balanced. You need to understand how it works to use it smoothly and easily. We’ll provide you with all the documentation and advice you need, and train you in its use.

Follow-up and support

We’ll be with you every step of the way.
We’ll answer your technical questions and advise you on how to maintain your livewell.
How to preserve your livewell, how to keep your livewell in good condition, how to clean your livewell, how to carry out technical maintenance on your livewell…
We’ll be there to help you manage your fish tank on a day-to-day basis.