"Aquarium manufacturing encompasses a wide range of expertise. Today, we specialize in aquaterrarium design, the production of prestige tanks or series of aquarium tanks, and we also manufacture furniture for marine biology laboratories. "


The creation of a custom aquarium is no small undertaking, as many parameters need to be taken into account in order to design a suitable, durable and easy-to-maintain aquarium. Our design office works in close collaboration with our workshop, and it’s thanks to the sum of all our experience that we can guarantee you a high level of expertise in aquarium design. From simple rectangular aquariums to custom-built aquariums, we’ll find the best technical solutions to guarantee ease of use, durability and maximum visitor satisfaction.


The installation of an aquarium is a sensitive moment, requiring great care and appropriate technical resources.
That’s why we work with experienced transport specialists. We also accompany you through every stage of your aquarium’s life.
We deliver a turnkey aquarium, ready for use.
Your aquarium installed with complete peace of mind.

Follow-up and support

We are committed to being by your side at all times to help and answer your technical, functional and maintenance questions about your aquarium.
How to preserve it, keep it in good condition, clean it, perform technical maintenance, change parts, etc…
These are just some of the questions we can answer, to help you manage your aquarium on a day-to-day basis.